New BMW 7 Series Gets Carbon Fiber Core

2015 BMW 7 Series at Chicago Auto Show

Do you enjoy listening to males with deep voices talk about cars and carbon fiber? Then this video is just for you. It highlights BMW’s new “LightweightEfficient” strategy, which the automaker will be using in the upcoming 7 Series along with other technologies to “set new benchmarks in lightweight design,…

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BMW Named Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Automotive Partner

2015 BMW M3 to star in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

  BMW is on a new mission—and it might not be what you expect. The German carmaker confirmed last month that it is the exclusive automotive partner for the film Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Through a combination of innovative driving dynamics and ground-breaking connectivity between driver, car, and environment (thanks…

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BMW Sustainable Mobility: Leading the Way for Generations to Come


Pushing for more sustainable energy initiatives in the automotive industry, BMW has recently taken several measures to encourage growth. These initiatives include new think tanks, Junior Campus expansion, and new workshops on safety and electric mobility. According to BMW, it will be expanding the Junior Campus in the German Museum…

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