BMW and Daimler are Teaming Up for Wireless Charging

Electric and hybrid vehicles are on the rise. In order to help make them more efficient, the technology that supports them is getting a lot of research, including bringing automotive companies together. BMW and Daimler are teaming up for wireless charging initiatives to help get rid of a lot of the hassle of charging your hybrids and EVs.

BMW and Daimler are Teaming Up for Wireless Charging

Research for wireless charging would make this image old news!

A lot of here in the states definitely know the name BMW, considering you are currently on Valley BMW’s blog, but you may not be familiar with the name Daimler. Well, rest assured they are not new to the automotive world. Daimler is the parent company to Mercedes-Benz, which is another premium luxury brand.

Even though the announcement was made about how BMW and Daimler are teaming up for wireless charging, not a whole lot of specifics were given. What we do know is that the wireless charging will feature something about a coil inside the vehicle that can connect wirelessly to a coil that is placed in a stagnant place such as a driveway or garage.

Since we cannot even get full information on the wireless charging from these two German juggernauts, it is obvious that there are no plans to release one of these models in the near future. Be sure to check back with us on here, though, for future updates!

2015 BMW X4 Advertising Has Begun

For a long time BMW has been a frontrunner for new vehicles, classic style, and impressive features. Now it has taken one of its extremely popular Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs), the BMW X6, and gave it even more of a crossover look. Of course you know by now that we are talking about the X4. Well, since its debut everybody has been awaiting its arrival at dealerships and across our television sets. We are pleased to announce that the 2015 BMW X4 Advertising has begun, so you can look forward to that appearing in commercial breaks a lot more often!

Isn’t that an awesome commercial? Autoblog describes the 2015 BMW X4 advertising the best, “The X4 is just hitting showrooms in the US, and BMW is beginning its marketing campaign for it with the slogan ‘Embrace the Unknown.’ The first TV ad shows off the CUV driving through the world’s major cities as they undulate like the rolling ocean. A woman flatly says phrases starting with “Go,” while a synth-heavy score plays underneath.”

Getting to the point here, though, currently the X4 is not available here at Valley BMW in Modesto, but we hope that it will come to our dealership soon! With its smooth ride, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, 240 horsepower and other features, it will impress you. Don’t take our word for it, just take a look at the 2015 BMW X4 advertising again, maybe that will make up your mind.

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Launched

Are you the kind of driver that enjoys performance and handling over the actual ride? Do you want to get in a car and navigate through courses in different performance vehicles? Then BMW has something to offer you this summer. The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience puts you behind the wheel of multiple different BMW models equipped to handle the courses designed by the German automaker.

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience - 2014 BMW 2 Series

With the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience you get to drive one of 80 vehicles including the BMW 2 Series.

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience is a nationwide tour that last 74 days and puts enthusiasts behind the wheel of BMW vehicles and then puts them through events and courses to teach them driving maneuverability.

One special feature of this experience is the Teen Driving School that consists of different course to help better the teen’s driving abilities. Teens are put through real-life scenarios and taught how to control their cars in the situation. They learn multiple aspects of important driving practices like braking, stability control, cornering, and focus, as well as others. You can choose from a one or two-day experience.

Get a glimpse of what to expect from this video of the Ultimate Driving Experience posted a couple days ago:

Now, the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience is a little different for adults and experienced drivers taking the courses. You will learn of variety of information including*:

  • Self-guided, hands-on demos of the BMW 335i Sedan and X5 xDrive50i that at most stops include Hill Descent Control, which is a BMW electronic function that allows for safe descent and proper vehicle balance on uneven surfaces, and Skid Pad, showcasing vehicle control on wet surfaces;
  • Street Drives that allow for 30-minute test drives per vehicle of a range of BMW vehicles including the BMW 2 Series, 4 Series, 6 Series and the all-electric BMW i3;
  • Autocross, a 2-hour challenging, closed-course driving program featuring the BMW 2 Series and 5 Series that pairs attendees with BMW’s Professional Driving Instructors for a dynamic experience that highlights advanced driving theories, defensive driving techniques and culminates in a pulse-pounding hot lap;
  • Car Control Clinic, a full-day driving school that allows drivers to get behind the wheel of a powerful M3 or all-new M235i for an adrenaline-filled day of driving with individual instruction from BMW-certified Professional Drivers. Drivers will develop a sharper understanding of BMW’s responsive handling and performance while learning advanced driving theory. The Car Control Clinic is offered for a fee of $650.
  • Additionally, The Ultimate Driving Experience will feature a main pavilion with interactive displays.

Are you ready for the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience? If so, then find out more information about classes and sign up! When you are finished with the courses make sure you stop by Valley BMW in Modesto to get a vehicle just like the one you drove in!

*Information comes from BMW News Release.

BMW Smart Charging App is Making Charging Easier and Cheaper

Hybrid cars are a great revelation for cleaner driving and saving energy. Now, BMW is going to take charging your vehicle to a whole new level. With the BMW Smart Charging App, drivers will be able to determine better times to charge their cars based on lower costs for electricity usage.

Drivers of vehicles like the 2015 BMW i3 and i8 are going to be equipped with the new BMW Smart Charging App in order to determine peak times for charging their hybrid/electric vehicle.  Available on Android and iOS devices, the app will let you know when would be best to charge you car, and thus end up saving you a little extra cash in your pocket. In fact, it is estimated that it could even save drivers up to $400 annually on their electric bill.

BMW Smart Charging App

The BMW Smart Charging App will help you determine when is the best time for charging.

“By automating the at-home charging planning process with the BMW Smart Charging App, we are offering BMW i customers greater convenience and helping them conserve energy while maximizing their cost savings,” said Jose Guerrero, BMW i’s North American product manager via

While we still do have to wait a while for the debut of the 2015 BMW i3 and i8 with the BMW Smart Charging App, the anticipation is high. So, if you would like to find out more about these upcoming models, let us at Valley BMW help answer your questions!

Over 1 Million Vehicles Equipped with BMW Assist Now on Road

BMW’s vehicles are the world’s ultimate driving machines not just because they are beautifully designed inside and out, not just because they have advanced engine capability, not just because they are filled with luxurious and convenient features, but because they have all of these things working in perfect harmony. That’s what sets the BMW brand apart; every aspect of a BMW vehicle is engineered to be simply the best.

Take the BMW Assist telematics system, for example. A marriage between advanced safety and technology features, BMW Assist has been saving lives and making the world’s roads a safer environment since its introduction in 1997. Now, almost two decades later, there are over 1 million BMW vehicles on the road with active BMW Assist subscriptions, and the system simply continues to improve.

BMW Assist has many, many great features, but two of the most innovative and impressive are eCall and TeleService. Back in 2000, eCall added Automatic Collision Notification, which automatically alerts a call center in the event of an accident. In 2009, they made Automatic Collision Notification better with the Urgency Algorithm, which sends data like the car’s location and the likelihood of severe injury to the call center. The Urgency Algorithm allows first responders to prepare better and faster in the event of a serious car crash.


Just as eCall works in real time to save lives, TeleService works in real time to keep your car in tip-top shape and thus make everyday driving as safe as possible. TeleService monitors your BMW vehicle’s vitals, like brake status and engine oil levels, then sends information right to your BMW Center. The staff can then simply call you and set up an appointment to service your vehicle—making car service, usually a nuisance, a hassle-free experience for BMW drivers.

BMW Assist is currently a standard feature on almost all 2014 BMW vehicles, and it even comes with 10 years of service. Come in to Valley BMW and find the perfect driving machine, complete with BMW Assist, today.

BMW’s GINA Concept Car Featured in “Dream Cars” Exhibition in Atlanta


Concept cars are a fascinating window into the minds of auto engineers as well as telling glimpses into both the past and future of the auto industry. Atlanta’s High Museum of Art must feel the same way; from now till September 7 they’ll feature an exhibition called “Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas,” to honor seventeen of the most significant, forward-looking concept cars of the last eighty years.

One of the concepts in the exhibition is the BMW GINA Light Visionary concept, which combined an eye-popping exterior design with an incredible minimalism and efficiency of function. “Beyond its undeniable beauty, the GINA Light Visionary Model was an advanced, water-resistant, translucent textile-bodied concept car with a virtually seamless fabric exterior skin that could change elements of its shape on demand,” Ken Gross, Consulting Curator of “Dream Cars,” said by way of praise for BMW’s special concept. “And it wasn’t just a fanciful exercise. The GINA study helped BMW to develop rapid manufacturing, digital tooling techniques and a robot-guided steel embossing process to create the complex hoods for the production of the BMW Z4 M Roadster and the BMW Z4 M Coupé.”

The GINA Light Visionary Concept may have come out back in 2008, but six years later it still takes our breath away. If you want to drive a vehicle made by the same brilliant minds that designed the GINA, come visit us at Valley BMW to peruse our current inventory.

X1 Makes Edmunds’ List of Top 11 Crossovers and SUVs with the Best Fuel Economy


The BMW X1 has made Edmunds’ 2014 List of Top 11 Crossovers and SUVs with the Best Highway Fuel Economy, and it’s easy to see why. Coming in at number two on the list, the X1 gets an impressive EPA-estimated 34 mpg highway, blowing its competition out of the water. Fuel efficiency is more important to consumers than ever before, both for their wallets, and for the environment.

For many commuters across the country, freeway driving takes up the majority of their drive, so finding a vehicle that boasts excellent highway fuel economy is just as important as finding a car that’s comfortable and meets your lifestyle. The X1 is the best of all worlds – no need to sacrifice space, style, or comfort for fuel efficiency. The X1 is the whole package.

Whether you’re loading the family up for a road-trip or headed to work, the X1 is loaded with all of the conveniences and comforts you expect from your luxury vehicle. Finally a crossover SUV you can feel good about driving and look good doing it.

Stop by Valley BMW today to test drive an X1 for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

BMW Donates All-Electric i3 to Make It Right Foundation

bmw i3

The Make It Right Foundation received an all-electric, zero-emission BMW i3 for a raffle at the charity’s 2014 Gala. Brad Pitt, who founded Make It Right, along with presenter Sandra Bullock led the pledges and announced the recipient of the new i3, which is worth $55,000.

Make It Right is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2007 to help families who had lost their homes as a result of Hurricane Katrina. It has so far created 100 environmentally-friendly homes, all of which were designed to be safe, energy-efficient, and affordable. Several world-renowned architects have participated in the making of these homes, which use only 70 percent of the energy than a conventional home of the same size.

The BMW i3 was a fitting donation thanks to its similar focus on environmental sustainability. It was created using solar and wind power and features numerous renewable materials such as recycled plastics, plant fibers, and olive leaf extract.

Come check it out at Valley BMW!

Google Maps Introduces Major Updates

Google has redefined the way we search, find and digest information. The tech giant has mastered the art of reading our minds, they just know us. So then, it should be no surprise that Google knows we always want more. More information, more quickly, more often.

Google Maps has been just as impactful on our lives, and has revolutionized the way we navigate our streets. Remember MapQuest? Us either.

Google Maps has released an update for its Android and iOS apps, providing even more useful features. The app now works directly with vehicle-for-hire service, Uber, allowing users to compare walking to driving times and automatically launch Uber in the event they need a ride.

According to, the newest version also offers more information about public transportation, including data for over one million stops. Some cities’ transit schedules can be accessed directly from the Google Maps app, and even offers a “last train home” option to help users avoid getting stuck during a late night out.

Specific details about restaurants, bars and hotels such as opening hours, ratings, price, and more are provided, and specific locations can be bookmarked as favorites.

The new updates aren’t just for city-dwellers. Road-trippers will also benefit from a feature that tells drivers which lane they should be in, provides more alternate route information for the adventurous, and an offline mode allows destination and map information to be saved to be accessed without internet access.

Google Maps continues to get us where we are going, and now with more features and dependability than ever before. If you don’t already have the Google Maps app, we recommend you give it a shot – it’s a navigation system for your pocket.

BMW i8 Is Full of Surprises

Valley BMW

The BMW i8

The 2015 BMW i8 is one of the most innovative sports cars ever made. BMW combines power and efficiency to create one beautiful machine. Jason Cammisa, senior editor for Road & Track, recently was able to test drive the i8 and learned it has a few surprises.

Equipped with Active Sound Management, the i8 pumps engine noises into the cabin. Cammisa said it sounds like a turbocharged flat-six engine, which is great. He also says the six-speed automatic transmission is awesome and says its “shift quality is near-perfect in regular driving.”

The i8 can soar to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds and he found that for a car that fast, it gets incredible fuel efficiency. He said he was cruising down the highway at 80 mph and was getting 32 mpg in Sport mode. The i8 also boasts incredible torque and Cammisa said it was very fast at highway speeds.

As far as retreating to your own private sports car island, he found the i8 cabin did a good job of blocking out annoying outside noises. However, if you’re trying to escape the public, you can’t go unnoticed while driving the dynamically-styled BMW i8.

The 2015 BMW i8 will be available towards the end of this year. Give us a call at Valley BMW to find out how you can get behind the wheel of this industry-changing sports car.