BMW Awards Pro Golfer with New BMW i3, Student Receives Full Scholarship

New BMW i3

The new BMW i3

One man’s hole-in-one at the PGA TOUR’s 2013 BMW Championship scored him a new BMW i3 and a young student a full tuition and housing grant. Kinda makes you want to play golf more often, doesn’t it?

On the 17th hole of the BMW Championship, pro golfer Hunter Mahan shot a hole-in-one, earning him the all-new, all-electric BMW i3.

When the crossover was presented to him earlier this month, Mahan had the opportunity to meet Melyzjah Smith, the student who benefit from the proceeds of the championship and Mahan’s hole-in-one.

The championship proceeds were donated to the Evans Scholar Foundation to fund the BMW Hole-In-One Scholarship.

As recipient of the Hole-In-One Scholarship, Smith was awarded a full, four-year tuition and housing grant for her college education. She is currently a sophomore at the University of Colorado where she studies architectural engineering.

As a new Evans Scholar, Smith will also have the opportunity to work for BMW through a summer internship program designed to provide the distinguished students with valuable real-world experience.

While Smith heads back to school, we at Valley BMW expect Mahan will be found cruising to the golf course in his new BMW.

Drivers Are In Love with the 2014 BMW 428i

2014 BMW 428i

2014 BMW 428i

The 2014 BMW 428i is nothing short of stunning. Formerly the 328i, the 428i is ridiculously good looking, fun-to-drive, and luxurious. If refined, sporty style is your thing, the 428i is your car. We aren’t the only ones falling head over heels for this beauty. As it turns out, the 428i made AOL Autos’ list of Cars That Consumers Are Liking Best.

2014 BMW 428i Specifications

The 428i is available in both a coupe and convertible body style, and is powered by a 240-hp 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder paired with either a six-speed manual transmission (RWD coupe only) or an eight-speed automatic. Despite being a high-performance car, BMW’s Air Curtain, auto stop-start, and Brake Energy Regeneration alternator make this one of the more fuel efficient sports cars in its class.

There is no denying that the 2014 BMW 428i is technologically advanced, fuel-efficient, and incredibly fun to drive. With excellent handling and performance, styling that will turn heads, and best-in-class interior space, it’s no wonder buyers are calling it love.

Stop by Valley BMW today to see for yourself everything the 428i has to offer.

BMW Charging Station Network Expanding across Country

2014 BMW i3 | BMW Hybrid Sports Car

2014 BMW i3

The future of automobiles might be in EV technology, but right now, the electric vehicle revolution still faces some stiff challenges. The biggest of those challenges is the rather limited range of most EVs, especially when running on electric power only. However, thanks to an expanding BMW charging station network, that problem might be conquered sooner rather than later.

BMW’s network will be powered by a recently revealed “impressively small, lightweight, and inexpensive charger” that’s being installed all across the country. Called the 24 kilowatt BMW i DC Fast Charger, the new charger weighs only 100 pounds and can charge a BMW i3 to an 80% battery charge in just half an hour.

“The visibility and availability of public chargers really helps from the customer perspective of range anxiety,” Rob Healey, EV infrastructure manager for BMW, said. Indeed, the newly announced charging network is certainly an incentive, but come visit us at Valley BMW and you’ll see that you have no need for anxiety when driving a BMW i3 or i8. We look forward to seeing you!

BMW Considered Biggest U.S. Car Exporter

2014 BMW X5 | Biggest U.S. Car Exporter

2014 BMW X5

When you stop to consider which car brand is the biggest U.S. car exporter, your thoughts probably turn to one of the Detroit Three. You might even consider some of the more popular Japanese automakers—but this isn’t the case. The German BMW factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina is the biggest automotive exporter from the continent in the United States. With the factory’s 20th anniversary quickly approaching, it has earned the honor of producing and exporting more vehicles than all of Michigan combined.

First opened in 1994, BMW picked the southern location because of its East Coast proximity, which made receiving engines and transmissions from Germany easier. South Carolina’s small economy didn’t even ensure that the plant would be a success, but the German carmaker obviously lucked out.

Now, the factory assembles the X3, X4, X5, and X6, exporting about 70% of the vehicles built there. The Spartanburg factory is also receiving a $1 billion investment through 2016 to boost annual production to 450,000 units, a number that is significantly higher than the current production rate of 300,000 units. This will bring the total investment BMW has put into the factory to over $7.3 billion.

To see some cars that were produced by the biggest U.S. car exporter, make sure you stop in to Valley BMW today!

BMW and Daimler are Teaming Up for Wireless Charging

Electric and hybrid vehicles are on the rise. In order to help make them more efficient, the technology that supports them is getting a lot of research, including bringing automotive companies together. BMW and Daimler are teaming up for wireless charging initiatives to help get rid of a lot of the hassle of charging your hybrids and EVs.

BMW and Daimler are Teaming Up for Wireless Charging

Research for wireless charging would make this image old news!

A lot of here in the states definitely know the name BMW, considering you are currently on Valley BMW’s blog, but you may not be familiar with the name Daimler. Well, rest assured they are not new to the automotive world. Daimler is the parent company to Mercedes-Benz, which is another premium luxury brand.

Even though the announcement was made about how BMW and Daimler are teaming up for wireless charging, not a whole lot of specifics were given. What we do know is that the wireless charging will feature something about a coil inside the vehicle that can connect wirelessly to a coil that is placed in a stagnant place such as a driveway or garage.

Since we cannot even get full information on the wireless charging from these two German juggernauts, it is obvious that there are no plans to release one of these models in the near future. Be sure to check back with us on here, though, for future updates!

Pricing Revealed for BMW Hybrid Sports Car, the 2014 BMW i8

2014 BMW i8 | BMW Hybrid Sports Car

2014 BMW i8

This August, BMW will begin delivery of the first ever BMW hybrid sports car, the 2014 BMW i8. It’s a beautiful car with a smoothly curvy, ground-hugging frame, and you wouldn’t know it was a hybrid if we didn’t tell you. It simply looks like the beginning of a new wave of sports car, a wave defined by words like “glide” and “grace.”

On July 1, BMW revealed more pricing details on the all-new plug-in hybrid i8. The luxurious EV will start at $136,650 and offer plenty of packages and options to up the premium look and feel even further. With the Pure Impulse World option, you’ll get a BMW i Blue seatbelt and LED headlights. The Giga World option also includes the headlights, but adds special wheels and perforated leather seats, while the Tera World option offers Tera leather-and-cloth interior trim on top of all the other features.

Like we mentioned at the top of this post, BMW will start delivery of the i8 next month, so make sure to come see us at Valley BMW to schedule the delivery of our very own i8 today. We’ll help you choose all the options to make your new BMW EV the perfect vehicle for you.

10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 30K Includes 3 Series

2011 BMW 3 Series 335i | 10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 30K

This Certified Preowned 2011 BMW 3 Series 335i can be found at Valley BMW.

Reliable sources are something that we always look for when researching cars, trucks, SUVs, and etc. Well Kelley Blue Book is one of those reliable sources that we can count on for great news and lists of the best cars for specific reasons. Now they have released a list of the 10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 30K and the BMW 3 Series is on that list!

Now, when we say that the 2011 BMW 3 Series “made the list” of the 10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 30K, that is being kind of modest. Not only did it make the list, but it ranked in at #1 with a lot of great things to say about it.

“The best-selling luxury car in the country and the sport sedan of sport sedan, in some ways the only thing that can top a 3 Series is a 3 Series for less,” says Kelley Blue Book. Driving feel remains without equal in the category, and the BMW badge holds special appeal in so many hearts.”

Luckily, here at Valley BMW we just so happen to carry a few 2011 BMW 3 Series for great prices. Stop in today to find out why they came in at the top spot for the 10 Best Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Under 30K. With this list coming out, we can’t guarantee how long they will last!

2015 BMW X4 Advertising Has Begun

For a long time BMW has been a frontrunner for new vehicles, classic style, and impressive features. Now it has taken one of its extremely popular Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs), the BMW X6, and gave it even more of a crossover look. Of course you know by now that we are talking about the X4. Well, since its debut everybody has been awaiting its arrival at dealerships and across our television sets. We are pleased to announce that the 2015 BMW X4 Advertising has begun, so you can look forward to that appearing in commercial breaks a lot more often!

Isn’t that an awesome commercial? Autoblog describes the 2015 BMW X4 advertising the best, “The X4 is just hitting showrooms in the US, and BMW is beginning its marketing campaign for it with the slogan ‘Embrace the Unknown.’ The first TV ad shows off the CUV driving through the world’s major cities as they undulate like the rolling ocean. A woman flatly says phrases starting with “Go,” while a synth-heavy score plays underneath.”

Getting to the point here, though, currently the X4 is not available here at Valley BMW in Modesto, but we hope that it will come to our dealership soon! With its smooth ride, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, 240 horsepower and other features, it will impress you. Don’t take our word for it, just take a look at the 2015 BMW X4 advertising again, maybe that will make up your mind.

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Launched

Are you the kind of driver that enjoys performance and handling over the actual ride? Do you want to get in a car and navigate through courses in different performance vehicles? Then BMW has something to offer you this summer. The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience puts you behind the wheel of multiple different BMW models equipped to handle the courses designed by the German automaker.

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience - 2014 BMW 2 Series

With the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience you get to drive one of 80 vehicles including the BMW 2 Series.

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience is a nationwide tour that last 74 days and puts enthusiasts behind the wheel of BMW vehicles and then puts them through events and courses to teach them driving maneuverability.

One special feature of this experience is the Teen Driving School that consists of different course to help better the teen’s driving abilities. Teens are put through real-life scenarios and taught how to control their cars in the situation. They learn multiple aspects of important driving practices like braking, stability control, cornering, and focus, as well as others. You can choose from a one or two-day experience.

Get a glimpse of what to expect from this video of the Ultimate Driving Experience posted a couple days ago:

Now, the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience is a little different for adults and experienced drivers taking the courses. You will learn of variety of information including*:

  • Self-guided, hands-on demos of the BMW 335i Sedan and X5 xDrive50i that at most stops include Hill Descent Control, which is a BMW electronic function that allows for safe descent and proper vehicle balance on uneven surfaces, and Skid Pad, showcasing vehicle control on wet surfaces;
  • Street Drives that allow for 30-minute test drives per vehicle of a range of BMW vehicles including the BMW 2 Series, 4 Series, 6 Series and the all-electric BMW i3;
  • Autocross, a 2-hour challenging, closed-course driving program featuring the BMW 2 Series and 5 Series that pairs attendees with BMW’s Professional Driving Instructors for a dynamic experience that highlights advanced driving theories, defensive driving techniques and culminates in a pulse-pounding hot lap;
  • Car Control Clinic, a full-day driving school that allows drivers to get behind the wheel of a powerful M3 or all-new M235i for an adrenaline-filled day of driving with individual instruction from BMW-certified Professional Drivers. Drivers will develop a sharper understanding of BMW’s responsive handling and performance while learning advanced driving theory. The Car Control Clinic is offered for a fee of $650.
  • Additionally, The Ultimate Driving Experience will feature a main pavilion with interactive displays.

Are you ready for the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience? If so, then find out more information about classes and sign up! When you are finished with the courses make sure you stop by Valley BMW in Modesto to get a vehicle just like the one you drove in!

*Information comes from BMW News Release.

BMW Smart Charging App is Making Charging Easier and Cheaper

Hybrid cars are a great revelation for cleaner driving and saving energy. Now, BMW is going to take charging your vehicle to a whole new level. With the BMW Smart Charging App, drivers will be able to determine better times to charge their cars based on lower costs for electricity usage.

Drivers of vehicles like the 2015 BMW i3 and i8 are going to be equipped with the new BMW Smart Charging App in order to determine peak times for charging their hybrid/electric vehicle.  Available on Android and iOS devices, the app will let you know when would be best to charge you car, and thus end up saving you a little extra cash in your pocket. In fact, it is estimated that it could even save drivers up to $400 annually on their electric bill.

BMW Smart Charging App

The BMW Smart Charging App will help you determine when is the best time for charging.

“By automating the at-home charging planning process with the BMW Smart Charging App, we are offering BMW i customers greater convenience and helping them conserve energy while maximizing their cost savings,” said Jose Guerrero, BMW i’s North American product manager via

While we still do have to wait a while for the debut of the 2015 BMW i3 and i8 with the BMW Smart Charging App, the anticipation is high. So, if you would like to find out more about these upcoming models, let us at Valley BMW help answer your questions!